Update of the troubles..

03-05-2016 08:26

Otto, although still not himself, is definitely on the mend. He is eating small amounts every hour or so and is not as depressed...he even chirps (his quirky little bark that sounds like a bird chirping...at least that is how it starts...it ends up with very annoying barking if I have ignored him about whatever he was chirping about.

Ocra won't eat but hasn't had diahrrea or gotten real sick. Lots of tummy sounds but stable so far. Only vomited once this morning and now on meds to keep her from vomiting. Just have to get her through the next few days with fluids and chinese meds to keep her from getting as sick as Otto. I'm sure the exploratory surgery, even though necessary at the time, didn't help his recuperation.

I have two cases open with the dhap manufacturer because of the breakthrough. We will see where that goes. In the meantime, everyone's generosity is helping so I can still make decisions that are best for the puppies. Because I cannot afford emergency care, and now for possibly two dogs, the vets have been great to work with during the day and sending me home with what I need to get through the night. Please keep praying for all of us!