This is a story about Otto

10-01-2017 19:35

This is a story about Otto. This picture was taken when he was a baby in Belgium. 

Otto is son of Sahara and Thor ; it is a cirneco, reaod the stories about him on Debbie's blog on 'Fervent cirneco dell Etna' site


I had some wonderfully, proud moments this past weekend with Rosie overcoming her fears and kicking everyone's butt on Gibbs finally turning on his overdrive and doing the same on Sunday.

But the teary-eyed moment for me was with Otto this weekend. Let's just say that Otto and Ocra are extremely enthusiastic about coursing...and very loud and demonstratively so...and very annoying to most of the people around them. They do everything with gusto and to the best of their ability. And Otto more than Ocra.

Ocra and Otto came to the end of their run together chasing the white baggies. Ocra did her usual running around and up and down the string and Otto running around in circles barking. I called Otto's name and said SIT. And that was my proudest moment all weekend...when his bum hit that ground...BOOM! I told him to STAY and he did while I put his leash on and we walked off the field.

The hours of training the past months have paid off big time. I love this dog and all he teaches me. I have never lived with such a strong willed dog but the love we share and the constant training and activities we are involved in, is sorting that all out.

I am proud of you my little big man!