The progress of Otto De Keyzer (Sahara&Solovyev Marcello Mastroianni)

24-03-2016 08:07

My "little big man" Otto, tired after being with me at the store all day and then Basic Obedience class tonight. I am so very proud of his progress after just 2 lessons already heeling, turning, sitting and even learned down tonight although the instructor was sure doubtful we would when we started. After going around helping the rest of the room, he was shocked when he looked over and saw Otto in a down position. I was proud.

Even though I've taken and taught several levels of dog manners classes, I've never taken competition obedience classes. And since most of those classes were with one of the best and most fun dog trainers in the country, Liz Thomas, this is a first and a culture shock for both Otto and me.

The instructors are actually good but very military like...nice, efficient and kind to the dogs. Kinda works because there are 4 large reactive dogs in the class and they stay on top of it, but it's not much fun. That said, I feel safe in this class and I've been in some when I didn't.

I didn't realize how much I've missed training dogs and going to dog events. Will be fun when our gang is ready to lure course and we start agility and obedience competition.