The competition between Otto and my ridgeback Hunny

03-04-2016 10:17

So I'm sitting on the loveseat with Honey while eating quinoa chips. Otto wanted some so I decided to use them as reward for a training exercise and told him "down." Honey, who was already laying down next to me, promptly got in this position to show me she could lay even more than Otto for the treat. She actually did it again on command. What a goofball.

A friend of mine is going to start training Honey as a special project and favor to me. She has 2 dogs she is competing in obedience and rally with and wants to do more training so Honey will be great experience. Honey already knows all the basic commands and is fine at home with no new stimuli. Out in public, though, Honey becomes a crazy dog trying to jump on and hug every person she meets around the neck. So Tammy is going to start by standing in the parking lot at the dog training club with dogs going in and out until Honey can control herself in that environment before starting a class inside. She is optimistic and likes Honey alot. The feeling is mutual so I am absolutely thrilled for all of us. Honey really needs this. And, btw, Honey is a big girl so when she wants to do something or go somewhere and throws her weight into it...hmmm...just like her dad...she will literally take you out.

Honey getting as close to the quinoa chips as possible.