Story about Ocra in the lure coursing...

11-01-2017 14:14

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I just have to add a note about Ocra lure coursing. Her scores definitely reflected her running style accurately. If I could caption what she is thinking when running it would be something like this..."Okay, okay Otto...I will chase those white baggies with you! Wait, there is something possibly alive over there...let's check that out now...crap nothing there...okay okay...i'm coming Otto! I see the baggies and I'm gonna play with them since I can't find anything alive to chase! Wait...I see a bird...crap...okay...back on track of the baggies again to the finish line. Now I will see how long my Mom will chase me around trying to catch me."

Coming soon...embarrassing video of Ocra and I in agility. She is BRILLIANT...but also very mischievous and humbles me on a regular basis. She is a promising star but held back by a very novice handler, but we have a ball training and that's all that matters. She makes it so much fun!



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 We had a great time coursing lure coursing our dogs this weekend. Rosie got Best of Breed on Sat and Gibbs on Sunday. Both 3 point majors. Ocra and Otto were close behind their scores but no pretty ribbons for them this time.