Show in Ballston Spa

13-08-2017 19:15

Showing the Cirnechi in Ballston Spa New York this week. This circuit has some big handlers duking it out for the top wins. Karen Clements and I brought 5 Cirnechi to show to build a major along with Deb/Kate with Tux. 

Thursday was our first day of showing with Dukati going Winners Dog and Ocra Winners Bitch and BOB. Karen got a Group 1 in the special Bred by Group and that was exciting.

Our goal was to try to complete some of the Championships. Rosie is pointed out and just needs majors but only got Reserve both days so no closer to finishing for her.

Friday was Ocra for Winners Bitch and Tux Winners Dog and BOB for 3 more points so he only needs 3 more to finish. Also watched the adorable Terv puppies in their first show...very cute. I even won a raffle for a camping chair, some local wine and great dehydrated heart treats for the dogs. Very cool. 

Ocra came into the show with NO POINTS and now has two 3 point majors so she is off to a good start towards her AKC Championship, Julia Samsonova, Ocra has turned out to be quite pretty and a little show machine. She is very flashy and has great attitude in the ring. I was very proud of how well she showed for Karen too. At the end of the down and back she stopped and looked at Karen curiously wondering what to do with this new person at the other end of the leash and all Karen had to do was tell her it was okay and lets go and she went into her autopilot show mode. So proud of how Ocra is maturing

I will admit that Karen and i do Lot of juggling of dogs since we are showing 5 of the 6 total Cirnechi being shown. Im sure we are quite comic relief when i forget which class, dog or number we should have, along with the steward i must add....but Karen sorts it out and it all works out with the help of our friends helping hold them all outside the ring. 

I will admit that showing only one dog is so much easier and less stressful on the dogs...and way more fun. All the changing and strange people holding them has proven to not be productive for Rosie and Fannie unfortunately. Building majors is hard so we do what we have to do but to finish these soft temperamented girls we will have to figure out a different plan.


Two more days of showing and an 830 ring time this morning so time to get snapping this morning. More updates coming.