Rosie and her ribbons

18-12-2016 11:41

Rosie and her ribbons for First Place, Winners Bitch and Best of Winners today at the Eukanuba dog show. No love for Gibbs today but he showed very well for the Junior Handler who took him in.

And Dusk...well...I'm sure the Saluki people wondered why I didn't train him better before coming to such a big show. I planned on pulling him but would have broken the major and then it turned out that.the major was already broken. So we made a spectacle of ourselves so the deserving dog got 2 points and not just one. All part of the sport but my bad about the spectacle part. LOL. We will now wait until he gets older and has a brain after some real training, and not just for the show ring. She is just too flippin' cute.

cirneco puppy,