Otto is introduced in flyball

16-07-2016 10:30

This will be funny to those who know Otto. Our friend Tammie Holloway went to flyball training last night with Otto and Ocra, my two Cirnechi from Belgium. He missed the first class so they had him try... without an appropriate run over the four jumps as they run to and from getting the ball. Someone released him on the other end while Tammy called him from the end where they get the ball. He saw an alternative route and took it...but got so excited running he just kept running around, jumping on and off of tables, visiting dogs...he went crazy. When Tammy finally got to him, he threw himself on his back with that cheesy Cirneco grin..very proud of himself. After a proper introduction to 1 jump, then 2, then back to 4, he sailed right through like a pro. But that first run was priceless. These two have good promise for being flyball dogs. Ocra is already crazy for the ball and Otto is getting there. Will have to get someone to take pictures. I have to admit these 2 are wonderfully fun to do performance events with. Strict obedience training...not so much LOL.