Otto earned his ACT2 agility

12-03-2019 10:43

Otto earned his ACT2 agility title today thanks to the Dig Training Club of St Pete! Thanks judges Loni and Joanne for your support and all the hardworking volunteers who made it happen! Otto, Ocra and Dusk are all entered in the March trial in Palmetto and will be one busy girl for two days! I will be staying in the RV on the trial grounds and have beds for two people if anyone is interested in hanging out! 


Dusk also ran two times and FINISHED BoTH COURSES...just ran out of time because of visiting the ring stewards, getting distracted and wandering a little, and the most time was taken getting to finish the teeter without jumping off or needing my help. I did have to use air cookies but he did it both runs along with his weave poles! Huge accomplishment title or not! Here we come St. Louis to the Salukis Nationals in June to enter agility!