Otto and Ocra

09-01-2016 18:45

Ocra is staying with Gloria Fay while she takes her through her first puppy class. Ocra has become so affectionate in the past few weeks and Gloria is really enjoying her I miss her but she and Gibbs will be staying with me this weekend so not a long separation.  It's funny that Otto really needed a fearless leader so he can be confident. And he is very demonstrative with his affection. Ocra doesn't need anything or anyone and is much more subtle about her affection, but if given the opportunity, she is the most responsive and loving of all of them. We are sooooo excited about working with Otto and Ocra in performance events. Gloria took Ocra to a flyball practice to introduce her to the sport. She was very intense watching the dogs run and didn't want to miss anything, craning her neck and standing on her hind legs to make sure she could see well enough. Gloria will be writing her observations of Ocra to send to you in the next few days. She just loves her too!

When she is in obedience class she actually listens to the instructor talking and responds when she uses command words. Love love love this little bitch.