Otto and Ocra on the lure coursing at the Grand Oaks.

03-04-2017 20:00

Wish I could block the picture of me but guess I'm old enough that I can show myself at my worst. LOL. Otto and Ocra being released for lure coursing at the Grand Oaks with the terrific SSRRC members and friends. Really nice group of peiple. Otto in pink and Ocra in yellow. Love Ocra's tight double suspension gallop photo. They showed great enthusiasm and Ocra picked up 2 points this weekend. Otto kept getting distracted in every race on a hill....probably a pile of horse it costed him points each race. Not to mention the fact that he wears himself out acting like a crazed dog just getting to the line. Love the pics thanks to my friend.  fervent cirneco dell'Etna

Fervent cirneco dell'Etna

Otto fervent cirneco dell'Etna from Belgium

Fervent Cirneco dell Etna from Ivan De Rycke Belgium