Otto and Ocra are 1 year old today!!!

06-05-2016 19:29


Otto chilling after being his normal crazy self bouncing around the room wanting to go play. Has the desire but not the stamina yet.


Ocra telling me she needs to clear the front yard of Geckos because she feels so much better and is going stir crazy


Otto and Ocra wish their siblings in Finland and Belgium, Stella and Olaf, Happy 1st Birthday. They are feeling so much better and almost completely on the mend to enjoy the day. I am feeling blessed today.

I've been home from work and life exceot for vet offices for over a week now with this Parvo episode. Spent yesterday bleaching entire yard and will do it again in a couple of weeks. I've been doing perpetual laundry since this started and now have another whole day after bleaching house again. I am so thankful the puppies did so well and the other dogs are still okay. Still keeping them separate for now until all symptoms are gone.

I'm lucky to have had help running the store during this ordeal so that I could concentrate solely on the puppies. It has reminded me again what is really important in life...and that it is finally time to slow down and be home to enjoy my dogs more. Making plans now to be a snowbird by 2017!! I'm looking at a summer location in North Carolina near family south of Asheville. Working on making my retirement dreams come true.