One year after...

07-09-2016 14:21

It's been a year since I travelled on my wonderful trip to Belgium to bring back these two munchkins. I had no much Otto and Ocra would change my life. They both REQUIRE alot of activity and without many acres to run and hunt, we found other outlets for them like agility, obedience, barn hunt, lure coursing and whatever else we find for them to do.

The best part about all this sports training with them is the bond and.relationship it gives us. If all they did was hunt on several acres every day,, there is no way I would have the same communication with them that all the training has provided us. They would have just been wild.children and not nearly as much fun to live with.

Thank you Julia and Ivan, for providing me with many years of mandatory physical will help keep me young.

So those of you with any kind of dog, I would encourage you to find something to do with your dog to promote a healthy relationship. They need mental stimulation just like we do...and we get exercise as a plus!