Ocra is hunting

03-06-2016 23:11

I saw Ocra with her butt in the air, nose to the ground and tail wagging very fast. Figured she got yet another Gecko to play with. Went closer and NOT...she had her first snake. Thankfully, just a plain black snake....one of the good kinds of snake if there is such a thing. I really hate picking up any dead animals...saved by my 79 yr old handyman who showed up to pick up some tools he'd left.

She was easily called off the snake...proud of that. She is learning to respond to commands and not just be in her own little hunting world. Ocra would be an awesome rabbit hunter if given the opportunity..am going to do some barn hunt work, lure coursing and scent work, in addition to her agility training. There just isn't anything she can't do...and well. I love her attitude...even if she is a challenge to keep up with. She is the puppy to keep me young and athletic