Ocra is considered a "star pupil" in her agility class.

06-04-2016 07:28

Wanted to let you know that Ocra is considered a "star pupil" in her agility class. The news is getting around the dog training club of how promising she is.

There is a woman agility instructor at the dog club who has a Cirneco. She has been training for over a year and she does beautifully....but only in training. She has run in two trials so far and only jumped 2 jumps total and no other obstacles. Just runs around like a crazy dog. So I'm sure Ocra will humble me as well once we get to competition. But for now, we will bask in our wonderful agility training times.

Otto is now in obedience class and he is really doing well. I am so hopeful I can get him to calm down so they'll allow him in agility. A little tricky when dogs are loose and they decide to get crazy and run to meet the other dogs. Otto just can't handle that yet.

I am still training him on obstacles that I have at home and he is even better than Ocra. I so love these puppies. I will say, however, that they are much tougher to raise than my first two. My first two Cirnechi are better suited to novice owners. They are softer in temperament, but with fierce hunting instincts. They are not as active with their hunting, and will sit and watch and wait...while Ocra and Otto rarely stop moving. Very interesting differences. All of them are extremely loving and sensitive as Cirnechi are supposed to be. Otto is my heart dog. heart dog.

What I'm most proud of is that they stopped resource guarding. I have no problem taking anything from them and they are willing. They have to wait before I give them the "okay" before eating or going through doors. The training is making them such wonderful dogs to live with and even more loving because of the bond we're developing because of the training. I am so proud of them.