My two last cirneco (Ocra and Otto) are different!

21-05-2016 08:06

Here are some observations. Based on the history I've read, the Cirneco not only hunted, but also large packs. While I don't see alot of guarding instincts in my first two Cirnech, I do see their sentry abilities to alarm perceived threat. They are keen hunters and so far, one an avid lure courser (Rosie goes crazy watching it, but isn't confident enough to run on her own...the machine and string moving is a little scary for her).

In my second two, the guarding instincts are very keen. I feel safe in the sense that they would go after any perceived threat 100%...they would give it their all. They are also avid hunters and after seeing them course just once as babies, they are going to be maniacal lure coursers.

When living in packs, each animal has a different role to appears my first two are the ones to let everyone know something is out there...but my second two are the muscle!