I am training with my Cirnechi.

17-04-2017 09:34

I am having such a good time training with my Cirnechi. They are all game for whatever I ask of them...even baby Rosie. She's really not the baby in age, but she acts like it. She's not as tough as Ocra and Otto, but as long as I keep it totally fun, she will try with her adorable self. I just "squish" her alot cuz she is so loveable. She is training for agility and flyball along with Ocra and Otto, we just go a little slower and easier with her. While she doesn't have the same intensity for sports as they do, she is always game and gives everyone a run for their money. So fun that they all like racing since there are so many different types of racing available.

Otto, my little big man, and I are getting ready for our first Rally Novice trial. Hard to believe I am actually saying this and we have only been training for six months for obedience. He is also training for agility with our friend and agility instructor, Gina Clark, and after taking the summer off they will start getting to some serious training in the fall and winter. She believes he has great promise. His focus is terrific. He is also already doing box turns in Flyball training on his own. Training for Flyball isn't easy, but we might be able to do some practice runs at trials next year! Would be fun to have our team of Cirnechi.

Ocra is blossoming with all her agility training and I love it. I hope to find ways to continue training this summer wherever I am and try to get her ACT2 title and more. She is also doing box turns in flyball training; however, getting them keen on the ball and getting them to run clean passing dogs so closely will be our biggest challenge. A woman in Russia who dances with her Cirneco and Basenji has inspired me to start training for "Freestyle" and tricks titles with Ocra. She already has 7 dance moves she will perform reliably. Now to get a coach to help put it all together.

Once the pool gets warmer...on to swimming lessons and maybe someone will be willing to compete in dock diving!

Life sure would have been boring without these guys!