Day 6 of the sad story

03-05-2016 00:00

Day 6 update of this Parvo ordeal. Vet was happy with their progress so far.

Otto is about 95% Crazytown just doesn't last long because he gets tired fast. Vet said rest is really important so he doesn't relapse. Vet was laughing at him, literally, bouncing off of his leg wanting his attention...barking at dogs on the other side of the door...trying to jump into the sink or onto the table, getting into the trash...he was a very different dog than the one he'd seen. Otto was so polite and subdued when he met him. I kept telling him this behavior wasn't the dog I normally lived with. He saw the difference tody. When we got home from the vet Otto happily ran a small lap and stopped wanting to go inside. He ate a normal size meal of rice/chicken and 1/2 cup kibble. Now he's sleeping quietly. Will keep him on Chinese meds for several more days and limited activity.

Ocra is still hesitant to eat, but does eat some. She can't stop herself from hunting geckos so I have to just go get her and carry her in the house. She is relentless. She hasn't even had diahrrea, however, the Vet still found bloody stool in her still not totally out of the woods. She was pretty normal acting to, from and at the vet, but has been resting quietly on the couch since home. She normally would be all over the house looking for something to get into or do. Very hopeful we get a good night's sleep and we all wake up feeling great.

The vet is calling the vaccine company tomorrow to confirm my information. He is also going to ask the protocol for me to let all my dogs back together and to be able to go back to training.

All the dogs have had Parvo boosters so they will now be okay. I will do titers in a little while on the puppies to make sure they have immunity. I know there are issues with some breeds where the vaccine doesn't work at all. Wonder if somehow they were resistant to the vaccine for some reason.

And the saga continues...