Comparison Cirneco dell'Etna with Ridgeback

12-04-2016 19:13

I find very similar correlations in types of personality traits in Cirnechi as I see in Ridgebacks. No wonder I fell in love with this new to me breed. Both breeds were pack animals used for hunting and guarding. Having been involved in Ridgebacks for so many years, I've seen some many different types of dogs...some with more hunting than protective instincts and vice versa. The Cirnechi are a little more active dog than a Ridgeback but possess some of the same traits in different variations. I thought life would be easier with this smaller in size breed...NOT. the only thing easier about them is the size of their crates vs Ridgebacks.

As bad as Honey can be, she is one of the best Cirnechi babysitters I could ask for! She is extremely tolerant of them but sometimes I have to save her when several of them gang up on her. She plays extremely rough with Judah but not at all with the Cirnechi. So she is not ALL bad! But ask my vriend that after she sneaks up from behind and jumps on her back. Not fun or nice.