Cirnechi hired Hunny to do the work for them?

13-04-2016 08:12

Stayed home today for a much-needed day working in the yard. I keep the sliding doors open to the back yard and came inside to take a break. After about 10 minutes I noticed it was unusually quiet outside and none of the dogs were in the house. I walked off the back porch to a view of Honey's butt in the air and that was all that was visible...with the 3 Cirnechi choir-dogs rooting her she digs a huge hole under the fence that the Cirnechi would have gone through easily in just a few minutes at the rate she was digging. The only thing keeping them in was the fact that Honey was so big she was filling up the entire hole. I am working on making sure there are double fences everywhere. Sigh.

Where oh where are my black tights???