After surgery

29-04-2016 22:56

Just got home with Otto. Took him this morning to vet for IV fluids and he thought he was well enough to just give him SubQ fluids, administer an anti-nasea shot...and send us home. My holistic vet gave me a bunch of Chinese medicine and a recipe for Congee....basically rice soup. She said she has treated over 200 Parvo dogs and not lost one...and says the Congee is one of her secrets. He has so much fluid from the SubQ he doesn't care to eat or drink so I have to start giving him some in a syringe. Giving Chinese immune boosters to rest of dogs as well. Keeping my fingers crossed this will be an isolated case. Takes a few hours for the Congee to be completely done so better start cookin! He also had WHIP worms...something my heartworm medication doesn't treat. So all the dogs will be treated with Panacur once Otto can tolerate it. The Whip worms are probably the reason the x-ray showed the start of an Intussusception of the bowel so surgery had to be performed to rule that life threatening problem out. Will now do stool samples more often. Jeeez...never had all these problems until coming to Florida where it never gets cold enough to wipe out diseases.

Thanks again everyone for all your well wishes and prayers. We are not out of the woods totally, but certainly on the mend. Now to start cleaning and disinfecting the entire house. Not to mention having to treat the yard for Parvo and Whip Worms. Sigh.

...Best laid plans...wanted so bad to lure coursing next weekend with Otto and Ocra...out of the question now. So bummed. Will have to wait until this fall...

...Otto is moving around better after surgery but still won't eat or drink. So off to vet for day of IV fluids.