How to train your dog

The example of rigdeback, almost the same karakter of cirneco.
By Cin Dove Fields
Here is how i curbed Saorla's jumping. more hugs. No more paws on me for any reason. No more holding or climbing. This was tough cause i had let her be my baby girl and climb in my lap too long. 
Outside was tough. If your paws touch me, i go inside. I leave you. She hates if i abruptly leave her. At first she then would want to climb me, but now she just tries to follow me. 
This method takes planning. For example when i get home with my arms full and she is lose, i leave whatever i am carrying in on the trash cans outside the fence and come on in to get the welcome over with. If i have groceries, i get the welcome over and let her potty, lock her in crate (that she has to sit and wait to come out of), then get the groceries. It takes extra time, but i have no bruises or scratches, so worth it. 
Now or greeting has become calmer and she just rubs against me with excited wiggles. No jumping (cause i will leave) and sometimes their is a yummy in my ocket if she stays off. If she even looks like a jump is about to happen, i tell her sit and do a focus cue or a touch for a treat.
I also do a lot of sits and really anticipate her every move. When she comes trotting in the room with that climb you look, i lean forward a nd ask for a sit and focus. Then she gets lots of petting and loving. But if she starts to climb or jumps up, i remove myself to another room quite abruptly. After about a 30 secs to minute, i come like nothing happened. If she jumps again...away i go. After the about 10th time she caugt on. 
She has been very hard headed about this.

As for running full force outside and knocking me over...
We got a little lucky early on.
We had that problem for recall. Finally i caught on and moved at the last second. She ran into our shed. Did it again with a tree. She approached a little more cautious and got chicken. Eventually we got her to sit in front for the chicken. 
The ending results using the chicken method (and i NEVER lie about "chicken"...though it could be any bit of meat) is amazing. Comes immediately and sits in front of me or follows me in the house to get a very tasty reward. 
Debbie has seen the "chicken recall" happen from long distanes with other dogs around. I now just yell SAORLA, CHICKEN! and get real excited.

Total work in progress...not even two, so still puppies