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08-06-2016 15:59
Mia Santos "B" 7 reukes      
08-06-2016 15:58
Mia Santo's "A"  4 reukes en 1 teefje Ares Atillo Armando Agat Artemida
08-06-2016 15:31
Mia Santos kennel bevindt zich in de wereldstad Sint Petersburg in Rusland. De kennel stelt voor een gezelschap bestaand uit enkele gezinnen. Zoals alle kwekers gepresenteerd op onze site  zijn ze erg begaan met het welzijn van de honden. Er wordt niet gekweekt meer dan hoogstens 3 keer per...
08-06-2016 09:05
Update 09.07.2016: All the puppies found own home Thanks!  
03-06-2016 23:11
I saw Ocra with her butt in the air, nose to the ground and tail wagging very fast. Figured she got yet another Gecko to play with. Went closer and NOT...she had her first snake. Thankfully, just a plain black of the good kinds of snake if there is such a thing. I really hate picking...
02-06-2016 19:59
Getting ready for work with my buddies Ocra and Otto. Even though we went through a tough several weeks together battling Parvo, I have an even stronger bond with them both now. Love my babies.
24-05-2016 20:07
24-05-2016 12:02
Soluccero and Colisto's Gwenda are the winners in the open class!  
23-05-2016 16:08
Poor little, sweet Rosie. She is the barker of the she has to wait until neighbors are more awake before she can go outside to play. The huge back yard is almost completely covered with giant trees...and of course the squirrels are relentless at teasing the dogs. So Rosie just stares...
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